Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Eve Present Exchange

Each year we have a random name drawing for all the kids in the family including spouses. Then on Christmas Eve those who are in Utah who can attend get together and exchange gifts. Since not all of my siblings were able to attend dinner this year we had to wait for a bit till they came over for the present exchange.
Sariah and I waiting for the party to start. She is wearing her Christmas booties and hat that she got from her Uncle Greg.

This is the birthday present we got for my mom this year, it's the little people nativity set. The Grandkids love it.

Luke is the baby of the family and he is so great with all of his nieces and nephews.

Daddy giving his baby girl some love.

Hannah and Sariah sharing Grandpa's lap during scripture time before we do presents.

It is hard to get my cute sister Rachel smiling so I have to sneak it in with everyone else. Rachel is the one in blue on the far right. Cute Julie is all smiles.

Kent and his lovely wife.

Can you tell it's almost time for presents?

Little Man is really hard to capture in pictures. Most of the time he is putting his hand in front of the camera. Here I got a good one right before he noticed I was taking the picture.

Melissa is the newly wedded gal in the fam. She married my brother Hugh back in August. We love her!!!

Hugh and Savannah are snacking on the muddy buddies.

Checking out the presents.

I thought this shot looked awesome with the effects of movement.

This is what happens when I try to take a picture of Rachel and she knows that I am.

Sean is so excited about his GI Joe PJ's from Grandma.
Nick and AJ playing with a ribbon.

The kids all got veggie steamers from mom and dad.

Rachel not knowing that I am taking a picture.

Sariah giving Grandpa some love while he videos.

Mom got 72 glasses from all the kids this year. She loves her some good glasses.

We made Dad a testimony book from all of us kids.

I didn't get anyone else opening their presents but I did capture James' face when he opened up his Wonder Woman notebook.

Sariah loved playing with her Uncle Ian.

Both of them couldn't stop giggling after all the presents were open.

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