Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner

When I was 11 my family lived in Suadi Arabia for a year and a half. My step-dad actually lived there with his kids for 8 years. While being there we picked up some awesome yummy traditions in food. I can't remember exactly when we started making our Christmas Eve dinner a middle eastern dinner but I absolutely love this tradition and have even done it with my own little fam when we had Christmas by ourselves.
The menu always has hummus, tabouli, mujadara, and pita bread. Most of the times there is fish and something else yummy.
Here is the table all set up with yummyness. Little Man was a big helper with Grandma making dinner.

Little Miss loves her some hummus. She eats hummus on a weekly basis....daily if I had it stocked enough. Here she is with her pita and hummus.

Opps caught her with her mouth open.

Here is the crew enjoying the yummy food.

My favorite this year was the Tabouli that my older brother made and the Spanakopita my mom got at some store. You can see both of them on my plate with the always yummy mujadara.

Sariah telling Grandma Ladybug she did a great job with dinner.

Exchanging some love.

Little Miss giving me some loves after dinner.

Then she got out the pom poms.

Little Man got all involved too. Maybe I have 2 cheerleaders in my family?

Cute brother Paul, I can't believe he is a Senior this year.

Little Miss with her cheese stick hanging out with a cousin after dinner.

Seriously how did my baby brothers get so big. James is a Junior this year. Sheesh. Little Miss is so sassy in this pic. Even though she ate a plate of food for dinner she always has room for a cheese stick.

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Megan and Vinny said...

what a fun tradition!

i really love the close-up pic of sariah eating the humus. her eyes are just incredible!!! what a beauty!

love ya!