Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pics with Santa and Cousins

We left AZ on the 23rd getting to UT in the wee hours of the 24th. When we woke up that morning it felt like Christmas all over. There was snow everywhere and it was freezing cold. Plus my Mom's house was filled with Christmas decorations. There is no place like my Mom's for Christmas. So many good memories.
The first thing my Mom asked me was if we had gotten pics of the munchkins with Santa. She remembered that last year I had wanted to do it and totally forgot while I was in Utah. She reminded me and we went out with some of the other cousins who hadn't gotten their pics taken with the Big Man.

Tallie's little man was excited to see Santa but a little shy at first.
At first he just sat there in somewhat of a shock.

Then he started talking when Tallie put him on her lap.

My brother Luke captured this picture with my camera and I love it!

I felt bad that none of my pictures with Ian and Sarah's cute little guy came out.

Santa and him were always on the move.

The 2 pics I got of my kiddos are only better because they aren't fuzzy but I didn't get them both smiling at all. Plus Little Man was totally pissed off that I made him wear a long sleeve shirt in the freezing cold weather. He was Mr. Attitude all day. What's a Mom to do?

At least Santa kept smiling. Such a great Santa he was.

Then we had all the cousins plus my brother Luke sit for a picture. I don't think I ever got them all looking at the camera at once. Sariah really was trying to figure out whose the man with the beard.

Sean was curious too.

Did you notice that Luke has the same face in every picture?

Santa pictures might not have been super successful this year but at least they got done.


The Palmers said...

I love them!!! Thanks for posting them! These kids sure are cute!

Megan and Vinny said...

so cute! that santa had a different outfit than other santas i have seen. don't they usually have a big red coat and black belt and black boots?

i like this new funky santa!!!