Monday, January 25, 2010

Watching TV

The first thing James did for me when we moved it was set up the TV for the kids to be able to watch movies. We don't have cable and the kids don't even know the difference.
Here is Little Miss in her favorite spot to watch a show....she'll start out on the couch but eventually is standing. Recently she has been moving her bike to be right in front of the TV so she can sit on it and watch. Can you tell how much Justin has grown since the beginning of school. The poor boy won't stop wearing his favorite pair of pants, even though they are high waters. The problem is that he is so darn skinny the pants that are long enough for him don't fit around the waist and he has to belt them. He isn't a big fan of belts so every week I find him wearing these pants at least once. I need to just take them out of his drawer.

Enjoying a snack and staying on the tile so as not to get anything on the carpet. Such a funny kid.

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