Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Miss Toenails

I finally painted my little gals toenails for the first time. Sunday (1/17) I had a little time before church and painted her toenails. It was so much fun for me to see her face as I painted them. As you can see they aren't perfect but still cute. Her feet are still so tiny.
See how tiny her feet are compared to mine?
She loves it when I show her my toes whenever I come home from getting a pedicure. She will stare at my toes and touch them, getting all excited about the new design.
Here is the best shot I could get with both our toes. She kept wanting to sit in my lap while I took the pictures, so this is the best I could get.


Walkers said...

I love painting Aleksa's toes too! Ours our blue right now, she asks to paint them every other day I swear!

Carrie said...

So cute! I haven't even tried to do R's because I am afraid she will try to eat it. How did you keep her from touching them before they were dry?

Megan and Vinny said...

i'm happy to see that you are training on the right path! ha ha!!!! so cute!

Luke and Niki said...

Oh so adorable! I dont know if you can get me to put a picture of my feet on here, to hideous! But yours are fabulous!!!