Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I have been weaning Sariah from her daytime nursing schedule. I have mostly loved nursing her the past 20 months. In the weeks before I decided to start weaning, there were a few specific times that I hated nursing and was starting to express that during or after nursing Sariah. Soo....for the mental and emotional health for both of us the decision was made to cut out the morning and afternoon feedings and keep our bedtime schedule the same.
In result of cutting out the nap time feeding, this is what you will find on most days around noon if we are in the car. 5 out of 7 days she falls asleep in her car seat. I will drive around for a bit and let her sleep. Sometimes I move her into the house or I will sit out in the car with the windows down. She gets anywhere from an hour to 2 hours of sleep in her car seat. Once we move into the house and she has her own bedroom with her toys, then I am going to try something new for nap time. Until now this is what is working.

Little Sleeping Beauty!

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Diana said...

You are such a good Mom. I am lucky to last 6 months with nursing! She is so cute. My little 2 year old will only fall asleep in the car now too.