Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rachel Breakfast

Valentines weekend my cute sister Rachel came to Mesa for a wedding. One of her best friends from Virginia was getting married....wahoo for Steph! She was only in town for about 36 hours, so every moment we had with her we took advantage of to the fullest.
Wanting to make sure that she got to hang out with our littlest sisters, we went over to Dad's for breakfast. I made scrambled egg surprise....which I might blog about on another day....and Menleigh made waffles. Of course we took pictures...

Little Laurel Loo and Rachel Cuteness Squared, Sariah and Brynn

Everyone....but Dad....Justin didn't want to be in the picture...can you tell?

So I let him leave and we took another one.

Cute Dad and Patty Love

Love these 2! Love them!!

It really is next to impossible to get Rachel to make a straight face in pictures.

Dad and Rachel being silly.

I couldn't believe how long Rachel's hair had's as long as mine now and in this picture if I didn't know that I was taking the picture I would of sworn it was me behind all that hair. The only difference in our hair is that Rachel has tons of is so thick.

Then I got 2 serious ones out of them.

This one is my favorite!

This past week Sariah started to say Honey. Honey is what we call Patty. Dad is Pops. Sariah has been able to say Pops for months now and it's huge that she is able to say Honey. I love hearing her ask to go see them. It is great being able to spend time with them and living in the same city makes it even more wonderful!
Here is Sariah with her Honey.


Rachel said...

Great Pics T! I had so much fun with you guys! I can't wait to come and see y'all again. Hopefully I will ahve more time next time. :)

Anonymous said...

You and your sisters have the most beautiful hair... and smiles! I miss your giggle. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog and helping me test my new website!