Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Fun with Rachel

The whole point of Rachel's quick trip was to celebrate this beautiful lady and all the involved her wedding day!
Here is Rachel and StephThe cake...I thought it looked

Steph admiring there cake.

Sariah was my date for the evening and she loved being dressed up and dancing.

Here is Sariah with Amber and Gwen. Sariah was fascinated with everything that was Amber. We had watched Cinderella earlier in the day and I think she thought Amber was Cinderella. Her shoes were sparkling pretty and her dress was fluffy and fun. Sariah couldn't get enough of Amber.

Here she is holding the pretty shoes and sitting with her princess.
The 3 gals who all met in Virginia and now live all over. Rachel and her lovely ladies.

This cute Grandpa from St. Johns is Stephanie's uncle I think. Sariah loved him and had him read her stories. He was great with her.

Little Miss waiting for the ring ceremony to start. Steph got married in the Mesa Temple earlier in the day and did a ring ceremony later that evening for Mike's family who are not members of the church.

The Beautiful Bride

Little Miss and her friend

The Happily Married Couple.

Yes that would be my sister grabbing Steph's boob. There is a lot of love here with these 3 gals.

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