Friday, February 26, 2010

Rosa's Fudge

About a month ago I won some yummy fudge from this awesome Cherry Blossoms Handmade Design blog.

A few weeks after I won, I got my prize samples in the mail from Rosa's Fudge.
Here are the flavors that I tasted and oohh I loved them all soooo very much. Normally I am not a fudge fan but these were amazing.
My favorite would have to of been the chocolate coconut. I got 2 of them because I knew it would be my favorite. If you love Maple Bar doughnuts you will love the maple flavored fudge. It wasn't my favorite but then again I don't like maple bars very much. It tasted just like the maple bar flavor.
Since I am counting calories I was impressed how easy they made it for me to log my calorie intake on each piece of fudge. There was an insert with all the nutritional information. The highest piece of fudge was about 160 calories and the lowest 140 calories per piece. Which is normal range of calories for decadent yummy chocolate. I was able to have one a day and not "fudge" on my calorie counting.

Go on over to Rosa's Fudge and get yourself something yummy!
No I wasn't paid at all to make this review....I just did it cause I found something yummy that I wanted to share with you all.

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Perry Mountain Home said...

I have to say that is an awesome prize to win! I won a card making kit from Utah Deal Diva two weeks ago. I couldn't believe I won. I haven't gotten my prize yet, but I'm watching the mail. Good for you and the calorie counting, because one thing I've learned, it is all about calorie intake!