Tuesday, April 6, 2010

House February 26th

Really the house has been coming along slowly but surely. These pictures were taken a week before we moved into the house. James had been working so hard to get it ready and here he is texturing the walls to prep them for painting. We actually had painters working with him to get this done more quickly....they actually made more work for us to do then anything. (They ended up being fired.)

Front Room Family Room


From Kitchen to Family Room and Dinning Room

Kids Play Room it is primed....no more red and yellow.

Dining Room with all the doors that need to be primed and painted white. Also James finished the ceiling.

This would be the master bedroom with tons of doors in it to be primed.

My closet lined with insulation that needs to go in the attic.

Hard working man

Sariah's room with a patched wall.

Texturing on the patch.


Mills Family said...

can't wait to see the finished product! Looks like a lot of work!

megan said...

way to go fraze family! what a big undertaking... but the final result will be soooo rewarding! love you!