Monday, April 5, 2010

Entertaining a Creative Brain

Little Man has a very active brain that is always thinking and figuring things out. He is also very creative and is my most likely to invent something useful in the future.
One day we were having quiet time at Pop's and Honey's house and he created this master piece. I thought it was funny that he put a tennis ball in the middle but you have a size reference with the tennis ball.

Justin thought it was fun to knock it down....I discovered his intricate detail when it was.

I thought it was awesome to find the base to be so intricate. You can't tell when you look at the finished product that this was underneath it all.

As always I am fascinated by this little man every single day. He is the greatest and I just love his face!


Melinda said...

Those two kids are way cute. I hope Justin is feeling better. You were such a lifesaver to me Easter weekend. Thank you so much! I hope we can do more stuff together soon.

megan said...

he's such a smarty-pants!!! that's soooo awesome!