Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Additions in the House March 21st

I love craigslist for many reasons but the reason why I love it today.....we got a beautiful dining room table and big screen tv for a major deal. Here you can see both purchases....we got them from the same owners. I actually had been looking for a dining room table for some time on craigslist, waiting for the perfect find. When I found one in our price range and it looked from the pictures to be in great condition I emailed them immediately. The table is solid wood and so beautiful and so very heavy. When we went to pick up the table...did I mention that it came with a credenza too...the couple who we got it from asked if we want to buy their tv.
James of course had been wanting a big screen for a long time and asked them how much they wanted. They said make us an offer...which he did and they accepted his $200. Seriously, it was a great price for such a big tv and we love having it.
We brought the couch in from the garage so we could have a place to sit and watch tv. The doors were still in the picture and have yet to be put back in place since they are still not painted....that is another post at another time.

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Megan and Vinny said...

how exciting!!! your house is looking so pretty... i love craigslist too, just yesterday i bought a darling glider chair and ottoman for the nursery.

congrats on your great purchases!
(i also love love love garage sales!)