Saturday, April 10, 2010

St Patrick's Day Bike Ride to Pioneer Park

This year Justin's spring break was in the middle of March. Which meant he was home for St. Patrick's day. He was sort of bummed he didn't get to have the fun of pinching people who didn't wear green at school...made me wonder who exactly he wanted to pinch. To celebrate we dressed in green and had a fun bike ride that led us down to Pioneer Park.
Justin is a pro on the monkey bars.... 3 seats and only 2 children...another sign that I need to have another kiddo.

The great thing is that you don't need 3 kids to make it work when one of them is 8 and uses his smart tart brain to make the ride work for his little sister. Seriously...this kiddo is amazing!

Next time I will invite one of his friends to the park with us so he isn't so bored. But I loved that he played with Sariah.

Love this!

There was this little guy who fell in love with Sariah while at the park. He was following her everywhere and she was totally playing with him...she would sit down next to him.

Then get up and run away. It was cute. I am sure I won't think it is cute when she is 16. I have a feeling with all the cuteness that she is we are going to have to prepare her for all those boys who will want to follow her everywhere.

While Sariah was playing with the little boy Justin took a breather and swung on the swings.

Already to start the bike ride back.

Justin got a little too hot...can you tell?

On our way out of the park Justin asked to pose with the statues. There was no sign to say stay off so I let him climb up and get personal with the pioneers.

He totally fits right in!

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