Monday, May 17, 2010

1st Place Reader!!!

Last week was Little Man's last AR assembly. Each Semester they have one rewarding kids who meet their reading goals for the semester. Justin doesn't just reach his goal, he exceeds it every time. I can't remember if I have told you how brilliant my son is for a 3rd grader. He is a freaking genius! He reads at a 6th grade reading level. Soccer is his first love but reading comes in a very close 2nd. This year he seriously was reading everything.
Well all his reading this year paid off. He got the highest percentage for the entire 3rd grade. He worked so hard at getting his points. 4 days before the final reading test he read a book worth 21 points just to make his goal that much higher. (Most 3rd graders read books between the 3 to 10 point range.)
I was able to go with Sariah to school to see Justin get his award. My cute sister who is also in 3rd grade got 1st place for girls. He got a shirt, certificate, and medal. He seriously is such a handsome little man.

It was cute to watch Sariah cheer for Justin. When they said Justin's name the whole school cheered super loud. It was awesome! Justin took this picture.

After school we took Justin to Amazing Jakes to celebrate his award. Sariah loved to ride the horses with Daddy.

Justin and I hung out a bit having fun. Here he is waiting in the line for bumper cars.

Getting ready to bump.

Bumping around.

The little family before we left amazing jakes around 9.

It was such a fun Friday night with the kiddos. We are so lucky to be the parents of these 2. So many blessings, so many good times, so many smiles and tears....I am the luckiest by far.
Congrats again to Justin for reading the most! Love you!

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