Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pedicures.....Sariah style.

I know I have posted about pedicures before....I love them! They are the greatest things. Seriously, you can never go wrong in giving the women you love a gift certificate to get a pedicure....that is of course unless you are with a woman who hates to have her feet touched.
Anyway, for mother's day my husband had me go get a pedicure. I normally go by myself or with a girlfriend to get a pedicure but this time I decided to take little miss. It was her first time to go to the nail salon and she did such a great job. She sat on my lap and dipped her feet in the water as I soaked my feet and got them clipped.
Then when there was an extra gal to paint her toes they took her to her own seat and painted her toes. Oh she loved it so very much! Sariah picked out the color and we got matching purple toes. Hopefully this will become a mother's day tradition for the 2 of us.


Luke and Niki said...

Oh how sweet! You've got to start them young.=) I want to take Claire there now....okay so many when she is at least 1. lol

Renee and Jake said...

How funny is that. Ginny loves them and expects them now. What a fun mommy/daughter thing.