Monday, May 24, 2010


If you have a weak stomach please do not read!! If you continue to read know that the writer can not be held responsible for what happens to you!

I wrote the puke post the day after the tater tot spent puking, not even thinking that I would have another experience with puke with in a few short days. Seriously Heavenly Father didn't think one puke day was enough for me he had to give me another one.
Saturday morning everyone woke up pretty healthy. I had taken Nyquil the night before and all my aches and pains were gone. I was determined not to be the one puking with this flu. So since everyone seemed great...since I was only checking Sariah and my temp....we rescheduled the Birthday BBQ and went forward with our plans. I spent the day getting everything ready for an awesome party.
The party was great. It was so great that we even ended up staying at the park later then expected. It was a Saturday night and we could all take good Sunday naps the next day, is the thought that went thru my head. So I got the kiddos in bed by 10pm and started cleaning. Cleaned the kitchen with the hubby and then took a long needed shower. As I was snuggling in my bed with my computer and reading email I heard Justin get up to use the bathroom....being almost midnight I was shocked. He never wakes up at night...he is a heavy sleeper!
I went to check on him as he was getting out of the bathroom and he said he woke up with an upset tummy. His tummy doesn't do well when he eats hot dogs....he loves hot dogs...but his intestines don't...he is hot dog know like lactose intolerant. He knows what happens when he eats them so I gave him a glass of water and tucked him back into bed thinking that was the last I would see of him. He giggled as I left him because when he jiggled his belly he could hear the water swishing around. That was the last time he giggled for 36 hours.
The next thing I knew, I was sitting in my room with my computer and I heard a very loud splatter and a moan. As I jumped up and grabbed the dirty towels on the floor from my husband's last shower, visions of puke everywhere was horrifying me. The only positive thought I had in the . 5 seconds it took me to get to his room was, I am so glad we still hadn't carpeted the house. The only positive side I can think of for living in a construction zone.
Thank goodness Justin had made it half way down the bunk bed ladder before he started to puke. But oh my poor little man was spewing red hot dog chunks everywhere just like I had visioned. (Red because the cupcakes for Sariah's birthday party were elmo.) It was nasty...oh so very, very, very nasty. His daddy's office is right next to his room so daddy got there first. I threw the towels on the floor where he was puking. I was amazed at how much had already come out. Seriously I didn't think he ate that much and he said he only ate 2 hot dogs. When he took a breath, my strong and smart husband picked up the puking kid and ran him to the bathroom. Where he continued to puke for what seemed like forever.
I would like to say that is where the puking ended and we all went to bed peacefully. But for the next 4 hours he puked every 30 minutes. It was so miserable for both of us. Miserable for little man because he got everything in his stomach out with the first puke session. Which meant he was puking what little fluid he would consume between each puking and then dry heaving the rest of the time. This is painful. I know from personal experience that I will spare you the details.
Miserable for me because, I sat next to him each time praying that it would stop. He was in so much pain and exclaimed at one point that he was going to die because someone was strangling him to death and he couldn't breath. His normally happy little face was so pale and sad.
Finally around 4:15am he had his last puke session for the evening. He moaned for about an hour and I would go check on him every 15 minutes just so he would know I was there. He hates to be alone when he is feeling normal so you can just imagine what he was like when he is feeling like he is going to die. Poor little guy was so miserable. By 5:50 Sariah was waking up and I checked on Justin one last time and encouraged him to do his best to fall asleep. He slept until 12:30. So almost 7 hours of sleep with no puking.
By the time little man woke up I was so exhausted from spending all night up with him and then all morning with Sariah that I could barely keep my eyes open. Sariah was so excited to see Justin that she kept trying to hug him and lay on him. Of course that didn't work too well with Justin. So I got her to eat some lunch and then lay down for a nap. As I got Justin started on a movie and encouraged him to drink something, I kept telling him that he was over the worst part of it. Dad came out of his office and told me to go take a nap while Sariah slept.
I was into a deep slumber when I woke up to Justin screaming Mom. He was puking again! After 8 dry heaving sessions the night before....9 hours later he was at again with puke number 9. As I ran to his side in my so not awake at all state, I realized that Dad was there next to him and returned to my bed before the dry heaving had begun. I was so tired.
I am happy to say that was the last time he puked. We battled a fever the rest of the day and he barely ate a thing. I think I got him to consume 3 crackers and half an astro pop. He went to bed with some children's tylenol and a bucket later that evening praying that he would not wake up to puke.
He woke up Monday morning all smiles but with a very little appetite. His fever was gone but I wasn't letting him go to school. Since the fever stayed away all day today he gets to go to school tomorrow. As he ate his Eggo waffles with no syrup this morning, he vowed never to eat hot dogs again. We will see how long that lasts....I probably won't ever buy hot dogs again which will make it last a lot longer.
I realize that there are parents out there who have sick kids all the time and I am so grateful in the almost 3 years that I have been Justin's mom this is the first time he has been horribly sick. He has had a runny nose or a small cough. He did have pink eye for 2 days once. But never anything this horrible before and I have a new found gratitude for the health of my children. I hope they don't get sick again any time soon. If it continues to happen every 3 years that is fine by me. If all it takes is me continuing to feed them healthy foods and getting them adjusted regularly by a chiropractor then I will keep that up!


Luke and Niki said...

Oh that was gross!! Tell Justin I am sorry he felt so bad, I was in the same boat a month ago. Getting up every hour to puke all night is not fun. I hear everyone is catching this weird flu.....yikes!

Gretch said...

Hank has been sick since Friday! He threw up 17 times on Friday. He then started swaping throwing up and going #3 on Sat. and Sund. Yesterday was better, but he still puked and went #3. Today no throwing up, but the day is not over, so.... Yes people people are catching a weird flu!

Samuel and Camille said...

I dont have a weak stomach but I took my little nephews to Sams Club yesterday and they wanted a slice of pizza and a hot dog and I definently could not look at the hot dog and find it appetizing... which is good because those things are so so bad for you, so thanks for sharing and helping me to eat healthy... hope your family feels better, not fun to be sick...

Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

Oh Tiana. I'm so sorry. I have had nights like that and they are pure misery for everyone involved. I'm glad everyone is feeling better.