Monday, May 31, 2010

Youth Conference: Be Strong!!

As I back track to the beginning of the summer I come to Youth Conference with the 14 to 18 year old kids in our area. I was lucky enough to be asked to be one of the group counselors and had a blast. The theme for the conference was based from Joshua 1:9. "Be Strong".
It was a 3 day conference. First we had a BBQ and swimming to kick off the conference. Then our first day we had classes on various elements of living strong. The class topics were based from The Strength of Youth Pamphlet. Our next day we did service in the community. That night after our service we had a fancy dinner and dance that was loads of fun. James and I got to go as chaperon's for the dance since I was one of the group counselors. The following day was Sunday and we all went to church and then had a guest speaker that evening to close the conference.
I only took pictures during the time we were doing service. Why I forgot my camera all the other days I do not know but had an enjoyable time nonetheless.
For service the group of 5 I had with me got to paint fire hydrants.
Here they are at the beginning of the project.
During our lunch break they still had smiles

This kiddos were so much fun.

Painting our very last fire hydrant.

It was the dirtiest hydrant by far....doesn't that look like blood on there?

Here they are in their gq poses' after all the hydrants were painted....we painted 15 of them all around town.

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