Monday, May 31, 2010


This post might be a little to much information for you about Sariah's poop. If you don't like to talk or read about poop...don't read this post. Since I use this blog as a journal I am writting it down because I don't want to forget it. The author can not be held respobsible if you have issues with poop and continue to read. You have been warned.

Little Miss has not fully recovered to her 100% functioning intestines since she was sick with the puke almost 2 weeks ago. She has been having issues with the pooper. Seriously no fun.
Yesterday she had a problem going down for her nap. I let her read a book to herself in bed until she is sleepy. Most the time she is asleep within 15 minutes. Yesterday, she took about an hour before she fell asleep and then woke up an hour later.
For some an hour nap might be great but for my 2 year old...not so great. She was a mess when she woke up. At first I thought her problem was that she was so tired....which of course was a small bit of the problem but not the heart of it. Just as I started to get her calmed down she would scream in pain. My husband thought I was crazy and came and took her outside to distract her. When he brought her back in all she wanted was for me to hold her and I got her to almost fall asleep when she started crying again in pain.
This time I noticed that her tummy was tight and came to the conclusion that she had to poop. So I massaged her tummy and did some exercises with her legs hoping to help. Every time she tried to poo she would cry so hard and ask me "mommy tell me what to do". Finally I came up with an idea to put her in the bathtub and see if the warm water would help her tummy relax. I have a huge tub in my bathroom and the kiddos hardly ever get to use it. So I filled it up as a special treat to see if it would make her feel better.
Oh my goodness is all I have to say. Sariah and I were in the tub for 5 minutes when she asked to go potty. So she got out of the tub and successfully got a itsy bitsy turd out of her pooper into her little toilet. Congratulations were going on since that was the first time she pooped in her toilet. I wiped her, shocked that such a little turd was the problem, and put her back in the tub with me.
As we were playing in the water after a few minutes she says, "Mommy I have to go poop." The next words from me to get on the toilet don't even make it out of my mouth when I see this ginormous poop floating in the tub. It was huge. No I did not take a picture of it....that would be way gross. But it was huge and I don't know how it was able to fit inside my little girls intestines. Seriously it scared Sariah it was so big. She thought the poop was trying to get her and harm her. I would be afraid of that thing too if it had been in my body causing pain.
Well we clean her up and the tub. She proceeds to have 3 more poopy diapers....all diarreah. She seemed to make it through today with out any problems. She ate normal and had a normal range of diapers. I am hoping yesterday was the last of this but I don't want to hold my breath. This flu bug that hit our family is horrible and I am sorry if any one else is getting it. Our intestines are a mess, especially my little gal and I am just hoping that all the spinach smoothies I have been making will help repair the stomachs much faster.


Carrie said...

Poop problems are no fun, but it is awesome that she is trying to use the potty!

Melinda said...

I'll have to remember the warm tub idea for when this happens to one of my little ones. Sorry you guys were sooo sick and thanks for not sharing your illness with us :)