Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Party #2

Wahoo thank you blogger for letting me finish this post. I must admit I haven't even come close to trying to post this everyday. I don't normally sit down at the computer to blog that often. But tonight was my lucky night and all the stars aligned for me to be online and the pictures to upload. Wahoo again!
Sariah loves Elmo. When I found this recipe online , I just had to have a Elmo birthday party for her. The cupcakes were so much fun to make.
Cute Justin helped me decorate. He spelled Sariah's name out in pink cupcakes.

Pops and Honey came out to celebrate with us too!

I loved this picture of Sariah. She is just such a cutie all excited to open her presents.

Honey helped her open the presents from her and Pops.

Oh my she got an Elmo doll from Pops and Honey!

Elmo grew a number 2 candle in between his eyes and nose.

Big girl blowing out her candle.

Eating the candies off of her cupcake.

Sariah had been sick all week before her birthday so her appetite wasn't up to finishing her cupcake...can you see her eyes asking..."do I have to finish this"

We went to a park and BBQ'd for the party and had lots of fun. The kiddos played on the field and at the playground until way after it was dark.

We love the Z fam! They are an awesome family that are in our new ward and they came to celebrate with us. Here they are playing on the slide.

This lttle gal loves to play at any park I will take her too.

Seriously these 2 are so adorable.

Honey and Sariah with my sisters and Crystal. I had to post this picture even though it is blurry. Cause there was still excitement way into the night from all the sugar they ate on those cupcakes. We had tons of fun celebrating Sariah turning 2! Thanks to everyone who came and played with us!

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Gretch said...

I love the Elmo cupcakes! I made an Elmo cake when I was in high school. It is fun to get creative with cakes! Culinary creativity!