Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Soccer #1

This summer we decided to try out a summer soccer league here in AZ. The league we tried out wasn't the greatest but Justin enjoyed being the best player on the team. He was so much fun to watch as he pretty much took the ball from everyone and defended like crazy. But what was I thinking? Summer in AZ is so hot and soccer is outside. Next year we will look for an indoor summer league but this year we had fun with the one we signed up for even if it was super hot.

Here is Justin before his first game. He is getting so big. This kid loves his shirts to be big and his shorts to go past his knees. He is so handsome too!On the field with the rest of the players

Throwing the ball into play.

Sariah trying to stay hydrated and keep the sun off her head.

Love this little gal...isn't she just so cute!

Half time break with Dad always brings out the smiles.

Sariah didn't want to miss out on the fun either.

Wahoo they won!


D'Lonna said...

You are one good momma to brave the heat to cheer for the awesome player!

Six Little Ducklings said...

Gotta love AZ-Great job to all for surviving and thriving!