Saturday, July 17, 2010

Final Soccer Game of the Summer

Summer soccer wasn't Justin's favorite. Most likely we will not do it again but I had to post about his final game.
I took some great pictures at this game but I love this one the most! These 2 really are the greatest kiddos and love each other sooo much.

Here they were pretending to sleep during Justin's half time. It was so stinkin hot. We do live in Arizona.

Even though she was sweating to death she still found the energy to run around like her big brother.

The star of the team for sure. He really was all over the field defending the goal like crazy. He sweats like a polar bear in the desert. I love this shot of him running.

Here he is getting his trophy!

Sariah wanting to be in with the big kids.

The whole team. They did go undefeated but they only played 6 games and it was the same team every game. (lame)

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