Friday, July 16, 2010

Shooting with Pops and Honey

James and I took Honey and Pops shooting at the range. It was a fun double date for the 4 of us. We were celebrating Honey's belated birthday present.
Here is Honey shooting the 22.
Me trying the 22 out.

James is an expert.
Then we pulled out the AR15 and boy howdy was that thing loud!

Pops totally loved shooting it.

I love my army man. It was very hot at the indoor range....there were a lot of people and the air conditioning wasn't circulating properly. Too bad Pops wasn't working he could of fixed it for them. You can tell we were sweating pretty great in this picture.

I was complaining about the kick of the AR15. I wasn't holding it right. I was scared of that loud boom.

James loves his new gun and could of just shot that thing for hours I am sure.

Some of my favorite people. Thanks for the great date night Pops and Honey!

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