Thursday, July 15, 2010


As most of you know Arizona is really hot in the summer....really, really hot.
To keep the kiddos cool and happy we spend time outside once in a while under the sprinklers. They love it. Of course it isn't a pool but it is water and they are happy for what they get.Love this picture of Sariah, my favorite from the whole set I took. She is such a beauty and so happy here.

Cute man Justin is so funny when he sticks his face in the sprinklers.
Here the 2 of them are just having fun .
Sariah trying to be brave liker her brother but only gets her arm in the water.
This is his really happy crazy face...he is so funny and I love to hang out with him.

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Six Little Ducklings said...

Way to beat the heat-kiss those kiddos for me!