Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip to Utah: Driving Day 1

I got the opportunity this summer to drive up to Utah for 2 trips. We were so lucky to hang out with Utah family this summer. Our first trip to Utah was to visit with all the newborn babies and bring Lukas back to Arizona with us for an extended visit.
My kiddos travel soo much better during the day. I like to drive at night but to keep peace in my car and mind I would much rather drive in the day time so they are happy. I woke them up at 7am and got us going in the car right away. Yes they stayed in their jammies. Please disregard that this photo was taken while driving.

Justin got a hold of the camera while I was driving and took a close up of the tater tot.

While waiting in the drive-thru for our lunch I snapped a shot of the dressed kiddos. He is such a handsome little man and helped so much this trip. We had fun making noises and laughing most of the 10 hours.

Justin is a good camera man....our wait at the drive-thru was like 15 minutes.....we stopped at a little mom and pop diner that had a drive-thru. The officer who pulled me over for speeding recommended it. It was really good food and I didn't get a ticket either. I was speeding, so he did pull me over for a valid reason. He came to my window, all ready to give me a ticket when this little sweet 2 year old voice from the back said, "Hi". The officer seriously became mush. He was smitten with my two year old and gave me a warning. Isn't that the best?

How I love being their Mom, they are the best!

As soon as we got to Grandma's house my kids ran around like crazies with their cousins and uncles. Being couped up in a car for 11 hours is rough.

Sariah and Abe play so good together.

Can you tell that we are sisters? Neither of us wore makeup that day....

Rachel hardly ever smiles for cameras so this has to be documented.

I love my mom, Grandma Ladybug. I really do love spending time with her whenever I can. She is a little crazy and yes it is herititary.

This little chunk was number 3 of the 5 babies born this summer. I was so excited to see Mr Ezra.

He loves talking to his Momma. He even wore a turtle for me.

Sariah loves her Papa Kent.

So happy to be out of the car and playing.

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