Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip to Utah: Family Dinner Day 2

After a good nights sleep I forgot to get my camera out until the family dinner when everyone started coming over for dinner at Mom's. I got to meet more of the new babies.
Cute Constance sleeping was number 4 of the 5 babies born this year.

Sean is her big brother and we just love him to pieces. They both belong to my brother Ian and his amazing wife Sarah.

Love it.

Lots of grandkids playing in Grandma's play/tv room.

Baby Dragon was number 2 of the 5.

Cynthia is married to my brother Kent and the mom to 4 kiddos. She is amazing.

Little Miss Constance and her Daddy.

Cute Ezra again.

After the dinner I couldn't find Sariah. I looked all over.

And this is where I found her peacefully reading a book all by herself. She can be a social butterfly one minute and happy as a clam all by herself.

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