Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Utah: Park City Mountain Resort Day 4

I really can't go to Utah without visiting my Park City family. I love these ladies. They are so wonderful and have seen me thru many different stages of my life. It is so hard not to see them every day.
Lou, Deby, Me, and Jennie Lee

All of us with the kiddos. Turner is Jennie Lee's boy that I used to babysit. I can't believe how big he has gotten.
I told you Justin was the best big brother. Here he is entertaining Sariah after our lunch.
We got some free passes from my friends for the alpine slide and coaster. Justin was a little afraid of the ski lift that took us up. Can you tell?

Little Miss wasn't afraid at all....I had to hold on tight to this one cause I thought she might just jump right off. Scared me to death.

Waiting patiently in line for our turn on the slide. It rained a little bit so we had to wait for it to be dried off.

Kiddos practicing for the real thing.
It was a lot of fun going down the slide with Sariah. She kept saying wee this is so fun, I like this mom.

While the boys stood in this long line for the coaster.

Sariah and I played on the little kiddo rides. Here she is on the airplanes.

She made friends on the train ride. They almost look like they could be sisters.

I love Park City Mountain Resort! After working there so many different times it almost feels like a home away from home. I will continue to go to PCMR whenever I am able, not only to see friends but to enjoy the mountains.

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