Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trip to Utah: Visiting Grandma Gifford Day 5

While we were in Utah I got an opportunity to drive up to Pocatello, Idaho with my brother Ian and his family to see my Grandma Gifford. I was glad that I got to see her on my trip.
We took Grandma to ButterBurs for some yummy food and good laughs.
This was the first time Grandma got to meet Constance. Her 8th Great Grandkid.
Sariah wanted to do whatever Sean did. He laid on the floor. She followed.
Grandma spending time with her Great Grandkids.

My cute cousin Katrina came over with her two girls to visit for a second. Her girls are on the right and the girl on the far left is a girl she babysits.

My Grandma and Me with the cuteness in the middle.

Oh how I love you Grandma Gifford. I wish you didn't have to get old.
I still wish Justin would of come with us on this long road trip to see my Grandma but he chose to stay and play with his uncles. Here are Ian's kiddos and my Sariah with Grandma.

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