Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trip to Utah: Sunday Day 6

Sunday at the Hinkson home is always filled with lots of people, food, sleeping, and more people.
Little Miss Sariah found a quite spot to color for a moment.
James fell asleep with lots of people around, this is a skill that you get when you grow up in a house with tons of people. You sleep where ever you can.

Bruce is the youngest of the Hinkson clan being the last of the 5 grandbabies in 2010. Bruce is Ralph and Julie's youngest.

Amber is their oldest and she loves her Papa Kent.

Handsome Paul is getting ready to go on his mission. Papers are almost finished to be turned in. He will be 19 in October.

Look at this cute face. He loved being surrounded by older boys to play with.

My sister Rachel made her famous popcorn and everyone is enjoying it in this picture. Love how all their hands are in their mouths.

Sariah loves her uncles.

Grandpa Kent and Grandma Ladybug with Bruce.

Ralph getting kisses from his daughter Amber.

Cute Hannah and Amber, sisters.

Give me a kiss, momma.

Cousin popsicles

I love that they still kiss each other after 19 years of marriage.
Sariah loves her Aunt Tallie.

Learning how to weed from Grandpa

Tallie and her hubby Nick.

We said goodbye to everyone this night since we driving back to AZ in the morning.

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