Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of School 2010

For some reason school starts in the middle of August in Arizona. I personally think it starts so early because they feel bad that the kids are stuck at home all summer and can't play outside because it's sooooo stinkin hot here. I hate that it starts so early but this year Justin was so wanting to go back to school.
He started 4th grade with a whole new challenge. This year he is part of a combo class. It is a 4th/5th combo with all the ELP students. ELP stands for extended learning program. It is a program for gifted students who need a little more of a challenge. You have to take a test to get into the program and once you are in it you don't have to test again. Both his ELP teacher and his main teacher seem amazing and so experienced with students like Justin. It might be a little rough for him not being the best in the class since he will be surrounded by a whole bunch of kids at the same level. Really looking forward to see how this year turns out.

Morning Buddies share some smiles before we take Justin to school.
All dressed and ready to go. He didn't want to wear anything new to school. My boy who used to love his kahki's and polos is now in love with t-shirts and athletic shorts.

Love this face.

Snapped a shot right before the bell rang....I think this is the I am embarrassed that my mom is here taking this picture.

Uncle Luke was with us when school started so I had to get a picture of the 2 buddies. He helped me caarry Justin's school supplies. I can't believe he is in 4th grade.

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