Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lukas visits Arizona

I was so excited to have Luke for 2 weeks. While he was here we went swimming, played games, out to eat, to the movies, shopping, church, and lots of other fun things. There is a 19 year age difference between me and Luke but that doesn't keep us from having an awesome sibling relationship.
He is so much fun and at the same time so mature for his age. Being the youngest of 12 requires a lot of strength and love. He loves everyone of his siblings and their attachments. (Attachments being spouses and children.) I was so glad he got to come down and visit for a bit.
We went out to IHOP for dinner one night with Luke. He started the entertainment off with a spoon.

Grateful for the man who took us all out to eat. Love him.

Then Justin joined in the fun.

Of course Sariah wants to do everything the boys do.

Justin had to see if the fork would work too. :)

Playing around on the bike rack.

Copying her big brother.

Seriously can these 3 be any cuter? Oh I doubt it.

Watching movies with January's kiddos.

Same people, same couch, different day.

Playing in the sprinklers

Having fun in the water on a hot August day.

I really hope Luke can come down every summer. I promise to take better pictures next time.

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