Thursday, January 8, 2009

FHE Christmas Style (Day 4)

Day 3 was a Sunday and I seemed not to have taken any pictures...I don't know why...all I remember was Sariah hadn't been sleeping well and had been sick with lots of snot and such so I might not of been all the way awake that day. I remember there being a great game of "Do You Love Your Neighbor" on Day 3, which got way out of hand. Sadly there were no pictures taken. The memory must stay tucked away in my brain.
Anyway, Day 4 was Monday and Family Home Evening. Everyone that could come over that night came over to make cookies and a grandkid gingerbread house.

Sariah and Grandpa

Abraham, Abe, AJ...the babe with many names!

Sariah playing with Daddy

James, Rachel, and Hugh

The Three Generations of Kent

Sisters: Rachel, Tallie, and I....were is our cute Gretchen?

James, Sariah and Me (Justin keeps hiding from the many cousins around to play with)

Here you can see Justin with some cousins and uncles getting ready to make the grandkid gingerbread house....

Gretchen and Tallie...what cuties

More making of the house.

Kent and Cynthia Kissing....hmmm...

Grandma and Grandpa kissing

What wonderful parents I have....

Kent and Cynthia

More making of the house.

Sariah found a toy

Gretchen was the cookie making queen this year...seriously there were so many cookies....I think this is where I gained my 7lbs.

Sariah and AJ contently playing next to each other.

Los Padres again

Mark and Gretchen

Hank too!

The finished house!


Rae said...

Thanks for all of the pictures T! These are great. Christmas was such fun with the fam. :)

CaraDee said...

Geez Tiana, you look like a supermodel in those pics. Motherhood agrees with you.

And yay for Gretchen!!

Diana said...

I forgot how big your family is. That has got to make Christmas so much great! Your Mom still looks the same as she did when we were in high school! Sounds like fun was had by all!