Friday, October 30, 2009


What an awesome game last weekend was for Justin and his team. Not only was it their first win of the season but our cute little Justin scored his very first goal. WAHOO!! When he scored the goal I of course went a little crazy with the cheering and then realized that I was so busy cheering I forgot to take a picture of his goal shot. Hopefully tomorrows game I'll get a shot of him scoring. He actually attempted two other goals this game but only scored once.

Here is our little man throwing in the ball down the line. Here he is running after the ball. I am sitting across the field taking these shots with my awesome camera!!

3 cheers for Copperheads!!! Way to go on winning your game.

Relaxing after the game with some juice.

Justin with some of his friends on the team.

James packing up our canopy and chairs.

Little Miss Sariah running away with the juice box.

Too cute for wards.

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megan said...

awesome job justin!!! he looks like a little pro out there. and, seriously now, could sariah get any cuter? good job on the photos, tiana, your camera is great!